All products have guarantee for 2 years unless it have user error.


You may find the news about the products from the contact section.


For every sort of cargo operation we have an agreement with MNG Cargo.


It is very easy to return product unless the return resulted from user error.

Our company established in 2005 in the GSM sector under the brand of EnsMobile. Since then, we have expanded to offer Auris, Aurisplus +, Firo and Iconix brands to our customers? satisfaction. Our company is in the Electronic Products and Mobile Phone Accessories branch in Turkey Market and Neighboring Countries and will continue to support industry and services in the market. Our products are produced at the best facilities in the Far East, then deliver to our experienced and successful companies in their area. Our products pass through many tests from production to packaging. With Wholesale and Retail Chain,our products are delivered to our Customers.

Our Company's target is to deliver the best quality and services to its customers. We will continue to offer the best quality products with the same effort and stability.

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