Lightning / USB / Micro USB / Type-C for iPhone / iPad / Android Reader This Card Reader allows you to read SD / Micro SD cards to your Apple / Android / Type-C compatible devices. When you insert this Card reader into your Apple device, you can use the app that will be released after installing it on your phone. If the application request does not arrive at the back of the box by reading the QR code you can reach the application. There is a Micro USB port in the card reader for Android devices. When you plug in your Micro USB-enabled Android Devices, your device sees the card and can access the files. For Next-Generation Type-C Compatible devices Type-C input is available in the card reader. Type-C supported When you plug in your devices, your device sees the card and you can access the files. You can also use the card reader as a normal card reader for the computer. Once you insert your card into the reader, you can access your files from your computer when you insert it into the USB partition. Compatibility For Windows, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MacOS X, Mac OS 10.2.8, Mac OS 10.8, Linux Kernel ver 2.4.10 (USB 2.0) and above For Apple devices, iOS 9.2.1 USB On-The-Go and above